Invoicing solution for small businesses in Namibian and beyond

Namibia’s Own Powerful Online Invoicing & Billing System. Goodbye to Excel Sheet Invoices and manual calculations.

Invoice from Anywhere, Simplify your invoicing

Invoice from Anywhere

Don’t keep your clients waiting. Send that quotes right after client meetings, automate your invoices and never forget to send an invoice.

Simplify your invoicing

  • Create and send branded invoices and quotations
  • Send invoices from any where and get paid faster

  • Set and send out recurring invoices automatically

  • Keep track of payments (payments due and payment history)


Invoice Namibia provides you with everything you need to simplify your business invoicing, billing and manage you finances.

Branded Invoices and Quotation

Customizable Invoices & Quote templates, to help you look professional & trustworthy.

Send invoices and quotations on the go

Send invoices and quotes from where ever you are. Log into invoicing portal from anywhere.

Automated invoice sending

Setup recurring invoices. Sit back and the system will send them out automatically.

Add and manage Clients & Products

Add all clients into the system and manage their invoices and payments. Also add your products and prices to the system

Generate Financial Reports

Accurately forecast sales and Staff Productivity by generating all the reports from the same dashboard of online billing software.

Convert Quotation into Invoices and Export to PDF

Once Quotations are approved convert them into invoices, with a click of a button and Export all to PDF files.



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Focus on growing your business

Leave the tedious billing and invoicing work to Invoice Namibia, it automate and simplify the billing tasks while you focus on growing your business and your brand.

How to get started?

Invoice Namibia is offered in a one size fit all package, with a once-off installation fee and a very generous monthly hosting fees.

How to Register for Invoice Namibia Portal